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Customer Service - FAQ

This is a taster list until I get some feedback and will be updated. Need to ask a specific question? Use the 'mailto' link at the bottom of the page.

Some frequentley asked questions...

How much does a Mould Tool cost?
I am assuming that by getting this far into the site that you are reasonably interested.... well, a small, single impression soft tool might cost a few hundred pounds, but a large, fully hardened, multi-impression, hot runner tool designed to run around the clock for a number of years (for, say, a sauce bottle cap) might cost a hundred thousand pounds plus, depending on how well specified it is... or anywhere in between those two prices.
Can anything be injection moulded?
Pretty much. Have a look at your car - the majority of the interior, the bumpers, parts of the engine, the lights, etc. etc. Unless you are driving around in a pre-1970's classic (or should that be 'banger').
I need a Mould Tool making quickly, I have pots of money and a fantastic idea for a product that will change the world - can you do it?
Of course we can! Just make sure you bring your pots of money when you place the order.

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