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Celect Tools
Ainsworth St.
OL16 5QX

Tel. (01706) 350606
Fax (01706) 648106

Plant List as follows:

Delcam's Power Solution :-
POWERshape - 3D Surface & Solid Modelling;
PSdrafting 2D;
PSmould 2D;
POWERmill - 5 Axis machining.
CNC Milling:
1 off Huron FX VMC; Heidenhain control; 900x600x500
1 off Huron NU5 Universal ; Heidenhain control; 1350x700x500
1 off Hurco KM3P; Ultimax control; 600x350x300
CNC Turning:
1 off Colchester CNC 2000L Center Lathe; Fanuc OT control; 580mm swing x 1250
EDM Spark Erosion:
1 off Mecrode Maxim; 60 amp generator; System 3R Tooling; 450x400x500
1 off Mecrode Minim; 50 amp generator; System 3R Tooling; 400x300x500
1 off Mecrode Minor; 50 amp generator; System 3R Tooling; 300x250x350
1 off Agiemaspark 740; 50 amp generator; System 3R Tooling; 350x300x450
2 off Jones & Shipman 540P Surface Grinders; 400x200x300
1 off Akamoto Surface Grinder; 600x400x400
1 off Jones & Shipman Cylindrical Grinder; 320mm swing x 600
4 off Bridgeport BRJ Turret Mills; 700x350x300
1 off Colchester Triumph 2000 Centre Lathe; 400mm swing x 600
Injection Moulding:
1 off Negri Bossi NB260; 750x750 between tie bars, up to 800g shot weight
1 off Sandretto Series 7, 95 ton ; 400x400 between tie bars
1 off Boy 30D, 30 Ton; 350x350 between tie bars
1 off Boy 15S, 15 Ton; 300 between ties bars
Various; material dryers, water heaters & chillers, granulators etc.

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