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'Hard Metal' Machining - We Have The Technology!

Shorter lead times, lower costs, better quality... pick any two of the three is normally a good rule of thumb, but as cutting tool and machining technology improve the ideal situation moves ever closer. The development of better, more accurate Machine Tools and the huge leaps and bounds made by Cutting Tool manufacturers are beginning to revolutionize the way people approach Mould Tool production.

Hard-Metal Machined plate

The largest cost in engineering has always been, and probably always will be, time. This is where real cost savings can be made with the introduction of genuine 'High Speed' machining. There is, of course, always a catch.
The initial investment in machinery and continual cost of the best quality cutting tools is by and large prohibitive to all but the largest Toolmaking companies, but this does not necessarily make them the best or cheapest option. We have developed what the Prime Minister would probably call a 'third way', using quality European CNC machine tools allied with spindle increasers and cutting-edge CAD-CAM, not to mention our highly trained staff.

Our highly trained staff!

These factors have brought us work from all sectors of manufacturing, but large amounts from Consumer Plastics companies, manufacturing fully-harderned tooling up to 2000Kg in weight, with individual harderned plates weighing in excess of 800Kg. We hold the unofficial record for the heaviest individual piece of steel ever harderned by our local heat treatment facility, Wallworks (Bury) Heat Treatment Ltd!
The steel is then generally machined on our Huron FX, at feed rates up to 2 metres/min., achieving good quality pre-polished finishes at hardness up to 56Rc. This would have probably seemed nigh-on impossible not too many years ago, before the advent of the high quality cutting tools we have come to accept as the norm.

Hard Metal Engraving

With the economic conditions not being perfect at the moment (as many of you will have noticed!), a £100K plus investment would be a mistake. Our long-term aim, however, is to have a first-class production facility to rival any in Europe.
This will only be possible with the continued support of our loyal customer base - you know who you are!

If you think this may be of benefit to your company, get in touch with us and give us a chance to quote - what have you got to lose?

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