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The amount and type of work which we are asked to quote gives us an insight into the state of UK manufacturing. This is showing an upturn in all kinds of industries, but the biggest suprise is within the automotive sector.
After the debacle of the Rover-BMW situation, this was an unlikely scenario and most people were forecasting a difficult time ahead for companies operating within the sector, with jobs and production expected to plummet.
Although Rover itself has not invested massively in recent times, a new car is now in development, and other UK car makers are forging ahead with ambitious new peojects. Is the kudos and prestige of British cars making a comeback? It certainly seems to be.
The likes of Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Aston Martin etc. are now owned by foreign automotive 'giants', but this seems to have provided a shot in the arm to these once great British marques. It is hard to imagine most of these vehicles being made anywhere but the UK, so here's hoping that these important British jobs are safe for the forseeable future. Personally, I would like to see all UK companies sourcing products within the UK and safegaurding jobs across the whole spectrum of manufacturing in this country, and it is my intention to introduce a 'Buy British' policy to Celect Tools, in the hope that others will follow suit. This probably won't stretch to me owning a TVR, but you never know...

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