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Customer Demand leads to Moulding capacity increase.

Due to customer demand, we have recently purchased a 260 Ton Negri Bossi Moulding machine, complete with Air circuit and core pulling capability.
With a 750 gram shot weight, it by far eclipses the 220 gram we have previously been able to offer on our largest Sandretto.
With this new aquisition we have had to double our permanent moulding staff and have started interior building changes to accomodate extra materials and produce we will need to stock and warehouse. this will inevitably lead to further expansion, but this will not be started until summer 2002 at the earliest.
Hopefully all the changes will help to make us more competitive and attractive to a wider customer base as we can now mould larger components as well as the smaller, more technical parts we have previously specialised in. Our philosophy has always been to be a 'one stop shop' for product design, tool design and manufacture, and final product manufacture.

Come back David Bailey, all is forgiven.

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