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The continuing story of MCFC....

Well, I'm not really one for bragging, but how could I not mention the man, the legend, Shaun Goater! This is the man who my club have tried replacing on numerous occasions with players like Darren Huckerby, Paulo Wanchope, John Macken and most recentley, Robbie Fowler (total combined cost, £15.5M?).

He has proved everybody wrong with his determination and natural goalscoring talent, and a more gracious and humble man it would be difficult to meet.

The £400K man who has put the 'pride of all Europe' in their place twice this season - long may it continue.

 The Legend

Webmaster Takes On The World!

Not Acceptable!  Government, Local Government, Councillors etc. etc. are the lowest form of human life, IMHO.
My tip for the day - don't let them push you around.
Any lurking paper-shufflers who happen to read this, be warned - we will not be lied to by the likes of you, so prepare for battle.

They can do this TO YOU without consultation.

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